Purchasing Power Registration, Account, and Checkout flow – User Insight

A Little background This is a great example of some of my work on a sign up and checkout flow. Unfortunately, I can’t yet release the wireframes I developed which were part of the process, but I can tell you about the process and show the final product. The Process Gaining Background Knowledge – Like … Continue Reading

Applicant Experience Focus Areas – Careerbuilder

Design Thinking User Experience challenges and Information Architecture optimization were more important in this project than in any other I’ve worked on to date. The Applicant Experience Survey (AES) is a part of the Data Portal. Its entire purpose is to allow users to view, slice, and most importantly interpret their Applicant Experience survey result … Continue Reading

Applicant Experience Filters Redesign – Careerbuilder

Design Thinking One pain point that I noticed during my time working on the Applicant Experience Focus Areas project were the filters. (Learn more about my work on Applicant Experience Focus Areas). “Filters” was our name for the user interface which allowed users to slice or segment their data by a number of criteria such … Continue Reading

IdeaLab – CDC

Design Thinking One critical piece of the IdeaLab Initiative when it comes to design thinking is the target audience. CDC has a unique makeup of highly specialized highly educated Professionals whose proficiencies generally lie away from computers and technology. The age demographic is older than the general internet population. What this lead to was a … Continue Reading

My Sites Initiative – CDC

The My Site Initiative seeks to improve business processes, build effective relationships between individuals and groups with common concerns, and drive innovation and discovery. My Sites will serve the entire spectrum of CDC employees and contractors with intranet access. My Sites seek to complement the current infrastructure such as CDC Neighborhood, PubMed, HiNet, Active Directory, … Continue Reading

Developmental Delay Screener – Ga Tech

This screener is to serve as an inexpensive, accessible, and scalable screener for developmental delay based primarily on the CDC’s Learn the Signs Act Early campaign. I am currently working on the development of this screener targeted at low income families under the advisement of Gregory Abowd, PhD as a part of my Masters Project. … Continue Reading

inSpace Mobile – Ga Tech

The inSpace project sought to restructure the way that meetings work by redesigning the infrastructure used to hold them. The inSpace Table and Wall allow users to equally & dynamically control a presentation’s content and display and guide a meeting democratically, breaking away from the traditional lecture style structure. I Developed a web application targeted … Continue Reading

Office of Information Technology (OIT) Dashboard – Ga Tech

The Georgia Tech Office of Information Technology has a full heavy duty ticketing system like many IT shops at large organizations. Student employees are charged with preemptively checking the functionality of all of the equipment in all of the classrooms and meetings spaces that OIT is in charge of. These quick room checks between occupancies … Continue Reading