Demystifying The Legend of The Fold

We’ve all heard of it. We’ve all feared it: “The Fold.” What would happen if your content fell below it? For years divisions have spent countless hours literally vying for position, shortening and shrinking each other’s content. Designers have developed new ways to pack more content into the top of the page with mixed results. … Continue Reading

Apple, Google, Samsung, and Me

I never thought I’d be happy to see Google sue someone. In case you haven’t heard, the fight between Motorola and Apple just got real. Google is set to attempt to stop the sales of  the products Apple has become known for (iPhone, iPad, MacBooks etc.) claiming that they have infringed on seven patents held … Continue Reading

Actually, More is More: Designing Paths For The User

You’ve all heard the saying in design that “Less is more.” Well, is it? Obviously it isn’t (Surely in this strange world more is still more), but is it inherently better to have fewer features on a screen? To answer that question UX-ers have to step out of their design bubble and take a larger … Continue Reading

Smart Enough to Play Dumb

I don’t want to understand the areas in which I conduct research… Yes, you read that right, but don’t get me wrong. When it comes to analyzing and assimilating information gathered during a study, there’s nothing like really understanding the area in which you’re conducting the research (so long as you can identify and put … Continue Reading

What is User Experience?

If you’re in this field, then this is probably something you have to deal with all the time. You meet someone new (or given the current holiday season, you’re with a semi-close relative), spark up a conversation, and then the inevitable happens; they ask you what you do…