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Design Thinking

One pain point that I noticed during my time working on the Applicant Experience Focus Areas project were the filters. (Learn more about my work on Applicant Experience Focus Areas). “Filters” was our name for the user interface which allowed users to slice or segment their data by a number of criteria such as date, demographics, location, etc. There were 2 major issues with the Interaction.

  1. Users would select things without applying them thinking that they were applied.
  2. The interaction limited you to only being able to filter on 2 categories at a time.

So I took a little time and sketched out a few design alternatives in my spare time to throw into the hat as a possible design for a future project.

While these designs have not been implemented yet, they have been helpful on several occasions when having conversations about the future as well as influencing the filter design on other data portal products. I expect them to have some influence on the AES filters seen in production in the near future.

About the Project

The Applicant Experience Survey (AES) is a part of the Data Portal. Its entire purpose is to allow users to view, slice, and most importantly interpret their Applicant Experience survey result data via a web application. Based on user feedback we found that users didn’t fully understand the data they were being given in its raw form.

I was the lead developer on the AES Focus Areas project working with 3 other full time developers and an intern. The project iterations required frequent and clear communication with our business partners and each other, as some of our developers were in India. I managed the workflow with the Indian developers and offered code reviews and help completing tasks where needed.

Learn more about my work on Applicant Experience Focus Areas

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