Office of Information Technology (OIT) Dashboard – Ga Tech

The Georgia Tech Office of Information Technology has a full heavy duty ticketing system like many IT shops at large organizations. Student employees are charged with preemptively checking the functionality of all of the equipment in all of the classrooms and meetings spaces that OIT is in charge of. These quick room checks between occupancies are by far the most common ticket entered into the system as each student may handle dozens in a day.

The process is held down by the slow, complicated, ticketing system designed primarily for issue flexibility, not speed. As such, student employees tend to check many rooms on one outing and report them all upon their return to the office. This can result in time stamp shifts, loss of accountability, duplication of effort, and the inability to emphatically state that items where functioning at any given time.

I was a part of a 2 person Group which designed and created a web-based dashboard providing functionality to eliminate this issue by providing a quick, light-weight solutions which students could quickly enter room check completions or issues found while checking the connectivity of a given room’s computer.

The system also integrated student availability editing, work scheduling, time clock logging, and room availability into one place.