Purchasing Power Registration, Account, and Checkout flow – User Insight

A Little background

This is a great example of some of my work on a sign up and checkout flow. Unfortunately, I can’t yet release the wireframes I developed which were part of the process, but I can tell you about the process and show the final product.

The Process

Gaining Background Knowledge – Like all projects, this began with speaking to stakeholders about what they’re looking to accomplish, what’s been happening that has caused them to pursue this endeavor, and how they would like to see the project go forward. Stakeholder meetings are also about setting expectations for both sides. User Insight has done a lot of work with Purchasing Power over the years including the development of personas. I was not a part of the team which developed this particular set of personas so this project began with the team becoming familiar with them. This was done mostly through talking with the team members who were a part of the research and reviewing the report and artifacts from that project.

Expert Audit – My team has done tons of customer acquisition and checkout flows, so it makes sense to apply that knowledge in order to tackle any low hanging fruit prior to conducting more extensive research. This also helps inform what areas we need to focus on during the research.

UX Research & Strategy – I was the strategist during the research. Which means I observed all of the sessions capturing and organizing the findings in order to identify patterns (mind mapping is my preferred method and the standard method at User Insight). After all of the sessions were completed, I compiled the findings into a report including call-outs for problem areas, quotes from participants, and recommendations.

UX Strategy & Architecture – After reviewing the report with the client, I developed wireframes for the new flow and layout.

Visual Design & Clickable Prototype – After a final review, the wireframes were handed off to a visual designer and their comps were implemented into a clickable prototype which was part of a larger project for the site’s redesign.

Design Thinking

The Registration design was about balancing business and user needs, getting the right information presented in order to encourage people to proceed through the process and asking for only a little information in the appropriate order so that leads can be captured at various stages.

Account Page architecture focused on surfacing vital information and providing paths to begin shopping or delve deeper into the account details in a concise and organized manner.

Checkout flow for Purchasing Power is a little more complicated than most because of the way the service works. As such, the checkout flow design was focused on organization. Site analytics and testing showed us where users became overwhelmed or confused. We smoothed those issues out with a clear path and the persistence of a mini-cart.


You can see the site redesign including the registration flow (and I assume the account page and checkout flow as well, although I am not able to make any purchases on the site to confirm) Purchasing Power has experienced a large uptick in customer acquisition, with a conversion rate of 45% up from 22%, as a result of the redesign.

Screenshots Below or visit the live site

Purchasing Power Login  ppc Site 1 Login  ppc Site 2Login  ppc Site 3